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Adult creative have over 10 years experience creating and carrying out successful SEO campaigns for escort agencies and independent escorts. We have achieved fantastic results across both the UK and overseas.

The escort industry contains some of the most competitive search terms in the adult industry, so it’s imperative that your SEO strategy is successfully planned and executed in order to drive high-quality organic traffic to your website. We also recommend ensuring that your SEO campaign is co-ordinated with your other digital marketing efforts such as content marketing, SEM, banner placements and email marketing campaigns.

Achieving long-term SEO success as an independent escort or escort agency requires your campaign to run in tandem with the most up-to-date search engine guidelines. We find that taking this strategic approach reduces the risk of your business becoming penalized by search engines. When starting your SEO campaign with Adult Creative, one of the first steps we will take is to carry out a comprehensive audit of your website and outline any risk factors that this project may have; from here we’re able to gauge the performance of your project and adapt our plan accordingly.

Escort directories and escort classified (ad placement) websites can also benefit from developing their digital presence; however, we find that these types of websites require a significant change of tack. A large portion of traffic received by directories, classifieds, agencies and independents comes from organic search. With such a high level of competition throughout the web, we find that effective brand positioning, and having the ability to target the correct audience through effective keyword planning, can be the difference between becoming a successful business or failing at the first hurdle.

We find that escort directories and classifieds typically require much more work from a technical standpoint. Ensuring that search is functional, URLs are easily accessible, canonicalization is implemented and thin pages are kept to a minimum, are just some of the challenges we may face.

We also realise that content requirements can vary significantly between independent escort websites, agencies, classifieds and directories. It’s important to think about your content requirements carefully when planning your budget, as high-quality content takes time to plan, research and optimise.

When booking in for escort SEO with Adult Creative you’ll find that we offer a comprehensive array of services to ensure that every facet of your SEO campaign is covered, with no stone left unturned.

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    Our Escort SEO Process

    On-Page Optimization

    We will make sure that each and every page on your site is fully optimised, giving your escort site the tools to succeed against even the most fearsome competition.

    Data and Analysis

    Real time data feeds enable Adult Creative to understand how your user-base interacts with your site. We utilize user metrics to assess where website and SEO improvements are applicable. This data is also a fantastic way to assess anomalies and security threats to ensure that we can relay concerns to our server and network team where necessary.


    Your SEO specialist will utilise a wide range of white-hat link-building techniques to ensure that we're able to consistently drive high-quality organic traffic to your website, whilst simultaneously improving the authority and trustworthiness of your domain.

    Algorithmic Updates

    AI-powered search engines such as Google are evolving the way in which they assess, understand and value web pages. Each update they release is intended to reward high-quality search results, whilst de-valuing web pages of lower quality - this is why keeping your pages in line with industry standards is so important!

    Our SEO savvy team work flexibly and remain up-to-date with the latest search engine changes and algorithmic updates. Following the most recent updates keeps our team stay one step ahead of the competition, whilst reducing the risk of penalization by search engines.


    Our team of content writers are well versed in creating engaging copy for adult websites. We follow a thorough research and content planning process. This, in conjunction with our SEO know-how ensures that we're able to craft and curate evergreen web content. Assessing the Hemmingway score, reviewing with spell-checks and implementing appropriate formatting ensures each piece of content is written as a labour of love.

    Dior Escorts

    Page 1 – London Escorts
    Page 1 – London Escort Agency
    Page 1 – Escorts in London

    Project Highlights
    · Constant communication with the client to achieve excellent results and grow the brand.
    · Created a bespoke monthly advertising plan which attracts thousands of users each month.
    · Added new features never seen before in the industry such as selfies and videos.
    · Industry leading website development.

    When we began working on Dior Escorts, our competitors were still building as many backlinks as they could, assuming that this was the ‘cheat code’ to achieving high rankings on Google. We knew better! We took Dior Escorts, cleaned up the toxic links and focused on improving the optimisation and most importantly, the user experience of the website.

    Geordie Girls

    Page 1 – Newcastle Escorts
    Page 1 – Newcastle Escort Agency
    Page 1 – Escorts In Newcastle

    Project Highlights
    · In-depth link building strategy aimed at maintaining a consistent growth of the website’s backlink profile across target pages.
    · Multiple web development improvements to improve page-quality and user-retention.
    · Weekly onsite content optimisation and enhancement keeps the website informative and engaging.

    Since the website’s inception back in 2016, Geordie Girls has maintained itself as one of the longest standing page 1 agencies in all of Newcastle.

    Bubbles Escorts

    Page 2 – London Escorts
    Page 1 – Cheap London Escorts
    Page 2 – London Escort Agency

    Project Highlights
    · Recovered from a major Google penalty to achieve excellent ranking results.
    · Hugely successful advertising and outreach campaign
    · The first escort agency in the world to accept Bitcoin (received attention from mainstream media) Industry leading website development.

    The team began by creating a fresh new website which was themed towards the Bubbles Escorts brand. Our experts performed a full website and backlink audit, identifying toxic links and performing the necessary tasks required to recover the website.

    Throughout our time working on the website, Bubbles Escorts has become the first escort agency in the world to accept Bitcoin as a payment method drawing huge media attention (The Sun Newspaper, The Mirror etc).

    Hot Escorts Birmingham

    Hot Escorts Birmingham
    Page 1 – Birmingham Escorts
    Page 1 – Birmingham Escort Agency
    Page 1 – Escorts Birmingham

    Project Highlights
    · Widespread link building to all location pages via directories, forums & classifieds.
    · Outreach in order to obtain keyword links from high authority websites.
    · Location & industry related blogs to provide users with relevant and informative content.
    · In-depth internal linking structure across the entire website.

    The owner of Hot Escorts Birmingham came to Adult Creative nearly 4 years ago with the single goal of reaching page 1 in one of the UK’s most competitive areas, something we were able to achieve in under a year. From the moment our development team brought Hot Escorts Birmingham’s sleek and functional design to life we carefully strategised every aspect of our approach the website’s onsite and offsite.


    This is one of the most misunderstood parts of the escort SEO world - how long does it take for changed to take affect? Generally speaking, once a page has been recrawled, you will see changes with immediate effect; however this can depend on a number of things. Crawl budget and general size of your site can both have an impact on how quickly your site is crawled but that still doesn't guarantee that overall results will see any change. We generally say 3 months is the marker for SEO work to start showing visible results.

    SEO is the process of increasing your visibility across search engines, with the intention of driving more users to your site. In its simplest form, giving your business more chances to be seen by potential customers. On-page optimisation is what focuses your users to the channels you want them to see. engaging content, vivid imagery all plays a part in turning visitors into bookings

    Our process starts with running a full audit on your site and then fixing those issues before working on any offsite plans. Once we feel your site is in a position we can build on; that is where we will start implementing a combination of link building, content improvements and other technical fixes.

    Our Reviews

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      Very Happy Client

      They have achieved page 1 for my website for Leeds Escorts, very happy!

      Angels or Devils
    • rating icon rating icon rating icon rating icon rating icon

      Couldn’t be happier

      Couldn’t be happier with the overall experience and the results! The best thing about it, felt being taken serious as an entrepreneur for my business

      Sabrina International
    • rating icon rating icon rating icon rating icon rating icon

      Fresh and full of Ideas

      The team totally envisaged what we were hoping to achieve. AC is amazing at making design ideas into reality.

    • rating icon rating icon rating icon rating icon rating icon

      Excellent Company 5* Service

      We have worked with Adult Creative for nearly a decade. We wouldn’t go anywhere else- the service is professional & they have solved any problems.

      Dior Escorts
    • rating icon rating icon rating icon rating icon rating icon

      Outstanding Service

      We have received outstanding service throughout the duration and the communication has always been excellent.

      My Tabu
    • rating icon rating icon rating icon rating icon rating icon

      Fast and to the point. Great!

      It was an absolutely pleasure working together with the AC team. My website turned out exactly how I envisioned it.

      Geordie Girls
    • rating icon rating icon rating icon rating icon rating icon

      Great company and seo

      Adult Creative created our website which is brilliant and they’re currently doing our seo and the rankings are amazing

      London deluxe