Non AdultSocial Ikon

Social Ikon is an exciting new social media platform geared towards adult content creators. This platform has been designed with a fun and modern twist.

Our client had a clear vision for this project:- the goal was to make signing up, purchasing and selling adult content as simple as possible; whilst attracting active social media influencers with it's glamorous design.

Social Ikon boasts an immersive range of functionality that puts other social platforms in the dark. We built this platform to allow users an unparalleled level of flexibility and monetisation options, whilst simultaneously ensuring the admin has full moderation control.

Our team are very proud of the quality of this product and are excited for it's launch later in the year. Feel free to check out the images below to get a taster of what's in store for 2021!

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Website Overview

  • Sector

    Content Creator Platform

  • Features

    Messaging, Stories, Tipping, Subscription and more..

  • Services

    UI Design, Backend Development, Frontend Development

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