Nina Rose

Nina Rose approached AC with the ambition to develop a first-class website to promote herself. Nina Rose is a high-end International escort with a large following and as such it was important that we would design a website that looks sophisticated, whilst feeling sleek to interact with for the user.

Another important consideration was the audience that this website serviced to. We knew from data analysis that the majority of her user-base were accessing the website via mobile, more specifically iPhone. We used our data set to ensure that the experience of mobile users were emphasised in the design, development and quality assurance phases, ensuring that this product felt fantastic on her user's most common devices. We utilised a mobile-first approach for both information architecture and web design, ensuring that each page rendered well on the page, along with the content fitting superbly for smaller screen resolutions.

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Website Overview

  • Sector

    Bespoke Independent Escort Website

  • Features

    Gallery, Location Dropdown, Bookings Form

  • Services

    UI Design, Development, Branding

  • Website

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