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Love Island 2022 – Series 8

June 7, 2022

Love Island is BACK – that means that summer is officially here!

I’m sure that your Facebook, Twitter and News pages are as full and buzzing about the villas return as mine. With last nights show starting with a twist – the public pick the first couples… this could lead to finding a winning couple or cause some drama before the show has even really began. Let’s delve in further and meet the cast of season 8.

Meet the cast!

Luca Bish 

Luca is a 23 year old fishmonger from Brighton. Luca has already turned the heads of the girls and viewers with his quirky tattoos. He describes himself as a ‘class clown’ – Luca has admitted that he doesn’t take himself too seriously but has his standards set very high when it comes to potential girlfriends.

He has told the Love Island gang that he ended a four year relationship around a year ago. There are also rumours that he once dated influencer and YouTube star Saffron Barker.

Luca is currently coupled up with Paige.

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Andrew Le Page

Andrew is a 27 year old real estate agent from Guernsey currently living in Dubai. Andrew has said he is going into the villa looking for love and says he is ‘very loyal’ when in a relationship. Andrew says that his friends and family would describe him as ‘quite cheeky, confident and a bit silly’ he says he will make sure to bring lots of laughs to the villa and is someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. He also describes himself as a bit of a romantic as he once took his ex girlfriend on a spontaneous trip to Paris!

Andrew is currently coupled up with Tasha.

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Ikenna Ekwonna

Ikenna is 23 years old, working in Pharmaceutical Sales from Nottingham. He says that he is ready to find a special someone after only having been in one relationship before. Ikenna wants to bring ‘spontaneity and excitement’ to the show, he says that he’s ‘not really shy to speak to new people’. He certainly turned the heads of the girls walking into the villa standing at a whopping 6’5!

Ikenna is currently coupled up with Indiyah.

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Davide Sanclimenti

Davide is a 27 year old business owner from Rome, Italy. He has already wowed the girls with his Italian accent and well toned figure. Davide says that he is heading into the villa to ‘find my soulmate, find my person so I can actually build something in the future, grow with them, be a family’. Davide is currently living in Manchester but claims that his Italian charm will impress all of the ladies in the villa. He says that since moving to the UK that he has realised how good looking he is saying ‘a lot of English girls actually love me’.

Davide is currently not in a couple, but will be choosing a girl to couple up with tonight, leaving another a boy at risk.

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Liam Llewellyn

Liam is a 23 year old Masters student from Newport, South Wales. Although he is normally very busy studying strength and conditioning, he has taken the summer off to find love in the villa. Liam says that ‘I wear my heart on my sleeve, I can’t hide how I feel about anyone. I’m probably quite emotional as well come to think about it.’

Liam is currently coupled up with Gemma.

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Dami Hope

Dami is a 26 year old Senior Microbiologist from Dublin, Ireland. Dami has come into the villa wanting to find the girl of his dreams. He describes himself as funny and hopes he can win the girls with his charming ways. He is a big believer in astrology and thinks that his Aries ways explain how he is super supportive in relationships. 

Dami is currently coupled up with Amber.

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Amber Beckford

Amber is a 24 year old nanny from London. This gorgeous girl has come in keen on finding love but has also said that she’s looking to make some great female friendships to last out of the villa. Amber has admitted that she gets the ‘ick’ from guys who show off. She likes a guy that can make her laugh. She has added ‘’I can definitely be opinionated so I’m not sure how that’s going to go down’.

Amber has said that she has dated a celebrity in the past but will be keeping it to herself for now – maybe to be revealed later on in the series!

Amber is currently coupled up with Dami.

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Gemma Owen

Gemma is a 19 year old from Chester. She is most famous for being the daughter of world famous footballer Michael Owen. Gemma is an international Dressage Rider and owns her own business. She has spoken about her decision to join the villa for this years show saying ‘I am open to finding love, I’m wanting to have a really fun summer. I was seeing someone and then that didn’t work out so I though, why not?’

Gemma has preached about having a very high standard of girl code and wouldn’t get in the way of a couple if they have a genuine connection.

Gemma is currently coupled up with Liam.

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Tasha Ghouri


Tasha is a 23 year old model and dancer from Thirsk. Tasha has joined the villa as the first ever deaf contestant. She has previously featured in a viral ASOS campaign for earrings last year that saw her showing her medical device in an advert. In her own words Tasha describes her dating life as ‘a total shamble’. Tasha describes herself as being wild but very loyal to her loved ones and is not afraid too step on anyones toes in the island. ‘It’s a tough one because I am a girls girl, but it is a dating show and I’m here to find my man. I may have to step on toes but I will do it in the nicest way possible’.

Tasha is currently coupled up with Andrew.

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Indiyah Polack

Indiyah is a 23 year old hotel waitress from London. She says that she is heading into the villa this summer to find love. Indiyah wants to find someone to date without being influenced with social media as she finds it quite difficult otherwise. She claims to not really have a type but she is ready to meet new people

Indiyah is currently coupled up with Ikenna.

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Paige Thorne

Paige is a 24 year old paramedic from Swansea. Paige has said that she is ready to mingle in the villa hoping to broaden her horizons after admitting that she hasn’t yet found the one back home. She says that she has recently come out of a relationship and likes a rugged looking man with a dad bod. She is hoping to find a connection in the villa but has admitted that she can be pretty ‘mumsy’ so we can see her potentially being the mum to the group of girls!

Paige is currently coupled up with Luca.

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Love Island has seen many of its contestants such as; Josh Ritchie, Katie Salmon, India Reynolds and many more, join some social subscription fan sites when they leave the villa. Will we be seeing some of this years cast featured on the newest platform Social Ikon? Or even starting up a brand new site of their own? 

We will surely be the first to find out so make sure to watch this space!

All images credited to ITV.