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“Greatest Pornstar Ever” – Ron Jeremy, Arrested for Rape Allegations

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June 25, 2020

“Who is Ron Jeremy and Why should I care?”

Ron Jeremy is a reflection of everything that was, and in many ways still is, wrong with the porn industry.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’re probably already familiar with the sexual assault allegations that have once again resurfaced against the 67 year old.

To many people, Ron Jeremy was a symbol of an era of porn that revolutionised the way that viewers consumed adult content, being one of the first male pornstars to become a household name. Infact, Ron Jeremy’s reach was so expansive that he was named by AVN as the greatest pornstar ever.

His signature moustache, long curly hair and steely brown eyes became the standard that male pornstars emulated for years after his arrival and after appearing in over 1000 adult films in his career, he was quite literally the posterboy of porn.

Position of Power

Jeremy’s power and influence is apparent when considering the life he lived after porn. Unlike most female pornstars who notoriously struggled to find work when their career had ended, Jeremy enjoyed his position as a pop culture hero. His face was printed on masks that were worn to festivals, he appeared in daytime TV, released a best selling book (aptly named “The Hardest working man in Showbiz”) and even released his own rum as well as other business ventures.

Jeremy’s talents outside of porn were pretty non-existent. Nothing he created inspired people in a thought provoking way, he was not a good actor and his businesses never created much of buzz. What kept Ron Jermey in the spotlight and out of the depths of irrelevance was his past life in porn. Something that is so damaging to so many other performers.

Kat Blaque believes other women will soon come forward

This poses the question, why is it that a male pornstar with multiple sexual abuse allegations against him managed to remain so prevalent in peoples lives? For all intensive purposes, Ron Jermey should have been merely a blip on the adult industry radar but maintained his position as the quintessential male performer.

The abuse of adult performers is nothing new. There are countless stories of female pornstars reporting mistreatment in their profession and the problem goes higher still. Many pornsites are littered littered with videos featuring “revenge porn”, videos featuring minors and even genuine abuse scenes. Despite the progressive movement pushing a more responsible approach to porn, figures like Jeremy implemented a system that made it impossible for pornstars, especially female ones to break the cycle of abuse.

Modern day exploitation

You may be fooled into thinking that the problem of exploitation is a thing of the past, but significant names in the adult industry have reported similar stories of exploitation. Mia Khalifa, the current number 3 ranked porn star on Pornhub (as of June 2020) has been outspoken about her experience working in the porn industry and how the system that favoured the production companies and not the pornstars.

In the 6 months Mia Khalifa was actively making videos, she reportedly earned $12,000 which considering the amount of money Pornsites and the sub contracted companies made from her videos, was a fraction of a fraction of what she was entitled to.

Are times changing?

Much to the dismay of the porn powerhouses, the adult industry is changing. The rise of fan subscription platforms have given performers the opportunity to take what they make without having to fund a production crew and the sleazy people who run them. However, there is still work to be done.

As well as the systems are changing, the attitude towards female performers needs to change with it. The arrest of Ron Jeremy to so many signals a shift in public opinion on the type of people we want in the porn industry, and the type of people that were involved in the age that give porn a bad name need to be eradicated. Sex work is one of the most empowering lines of work around and given the impending global recession, can be a way of making sure you provide for you and your family.


If you’re struggling with a horror story of your own, please do not suffer in silence. Here is a number of places to find help, whatever your story is: